Thursday, May 24, 2012

Put a Fork in It!!! (100/100)

DAY 100!!!! This Reality Challenge is done - I can put a fork in it!  Wow, 100 days?!?  I did it.  I completed it - me and my dear friend have finshed Season 1 of our 100 Day Reality Challenge.

At the beginning of all of this, I said that I wanted to focus on two things:
---that if I was unhappy in a situation, that I was going to take a physical action to change it
---I was only going to surround myself with people who bring out the best in me

I would say that after looking back from today to Feb 15th I have completed/improved on these two notions.  This challenge was a success!  Woot. 

Things to reflect:
---At the beginning of this challenge, I expressed to a co-worker that I was interested in working in his office & today I am in week 2 of being in my new job
---I was unhappy being single, so I said yes to going out on a few dates
---I have gotten clarity in how I like relationships to work
---I was able to refocus an office friendship
---I have opened my mind to the power of positive thinking
---I proved that I do have discipline
---I was able to stay connected with my beautiful co-creator for most of the 100 days
---I am more confident in my abilities to move forward
---I have spread more positivity to my co-workers
---I have been more encouraging of my friends' goals

This has been a powerful journey and one that I am happy I took and one I would want to rediscover later on down the road.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Feel That? (96/100)

Day 96...Go outside, breathe, exercise, be out with nature, listen to your thoughts, explore...

I am so proud of myself, I had another successful running day. I am trying to get back into the swing of running. I used to run and be part of a cross country team and then got out of it and several years have past. I know that exercise is important and I want to establish a routine of running, yoga and other activities to keep me moving. It's about being outside and feeling air rush into your lungs.

Day 96! Woot - almost there! What an accomplishment - what an adventure so far! As this challenge comes to a close, I have been looking back on what I have gained from these past 96 days and how I can use these last 4 days to really "bring it home." I feel like I have really put forth effort and feel accomplished. It is amazing how powerful thinking can impact how you live your life.

As my 100th day approaches, it is even more reason to focus on my purpose in life. Below is an image that a group I am a fan of posted on facebook. I find it to be quite perfect.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day (89/100)

Happy Mother's Day!

Day 89 - It's Mother's Day, make her feel special.  What is it about being a mom that you connect with - I am not a mother but I have people I take care of and nurture.  Care for your nurturing spirit today. 

I made a special effort to contact all the special mothers in my life.  I, of course, started with my own mother and wished her a special day.  I had already sent her a rose plant to let her know that she is very special to me.  I sent her a plant because I know how much she loves them and I know that she will be able to re-pot it and keep it for years to come.  I then called my Grandma, all my aunts and other special mothers in my life.  It was a quite a fulling experience.  I realized it had been too long since I have talked to some of my aunts.  I need to make more time to show my family how much I love them and how they are appreciated. 

I have a very maternal nature and am often looked at as a "mothering" friend.   I value this quality and know that when the time comes, I will cherish being a mother to my own children.  I am a Godmother and it is a joy to know that I have a special place in my godson's life. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Super Power (76/100)

Day 76.  This is the challenge I also sent to my co-creator:  You are your own superhero and you have your own super power.  Take time today to be your own Super Woman.  You have the power to change a life.  What is your super power?  Take hold of your own inner vigilante. 

In a single act we can change a life.  In a single moment we can help someone have a worse or a better day.  I like to help out when I can to make someone have a little bit of an easier day.  For example, I came home the other day and there were dirty dishes out from when my roommate had her father over for for appetizers before their dinner out at a local restaurant.  Now, I knew she would clean up when she got home, but I also knew she was going to get home late.  I took it upon myself to clean up for her, so that it was one less thing she had to worry about before going to bed that night.  This act seems insignificant, but to my dear friend it meant something. 

My super power - attention to the details & noticing the small things of life.  I send out thank you cards & birthday cards and I remember anniversaries.  I know what flowers my roommate likes and the type of flour she prefers for baking.  I ask how friend's interview go and know some of the the patrons (from the theater where I work) just by hearing their voice on the phone.   

As for being a vigilante, I actually need to take on more of role.  I live in a city stricken with many homeless people and I try to give money when I can - but honestly, that is not enough.  Also, I live in a city where policies are made and people have nonprofits that are fighting for a just system.  I need to get more involved.   

Haiku (73/100)

Day 73 - ok actually, Day 73 was on April 27th, but I liked the challenge so much that I am going to post it and immediately post another entry for today's challenge.

haikus are easy; but sometimes they don't make sense; refridgerator. - unknown
Today unleash your inner poet and write some haikus about the challenge.  Ok here it goes:

Breathe, Blink, Write, Think, Look.
I am made for a purpose.
Believe, Create more

Take time to listen.
Your thoughts talk more that you think.
Each one powerful.

Limits exist here.
Body and mind are stronger.
So, I can do this.